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Conference & Meetings

Conference, Meetings & Corporate Events

Engage your audience at your next corporate event. Sapphire Premium Banquet's flexible open conference meeting hall allows clients to customize an event to suit their theme or style. Our corporate event venue in Lucknow is ideal for any type of event, such as conference, presentation, exhibition or a product launch. Our staff is highly skilled and attentive to details to coordinate your event.


Our services and facilities cater to every need of the new-age corporate celebration. The event spaces have the best business enablers, including sophisticated audio-video equipment. You also have the option to host a residential conference. The food and beverage team at the venue combines delicious cuisines from all over the globe with outstanding service to create a memorable experience.

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Corporate Parties

Take your corporate parties to the next level at Sapphire Premium Banquet. Our unrivalled service will ensure your guests feel comfortable, allowing you to work your magic and raise your funds. Use our stage area to introduce guest speakers and to entertain your guests. Our open-floor plan will allow attendees to mingle with each other throughout the evening, while you network and share information about the charity and its goals


Product Launches

Introduce your brand new product in style at Sapphire Premium Banquet! Treat your corporate investors, executives, journalists, and other distinguished guests to our world-class catering and signature mocktails. If you’re looking to impress your guests, look no further than the most sophisticated event venue in Lucknow

Company event

Award Ceremonies

We know what it takes to treat guests like the stars that they are. Our corporate event venue will dazzle those in attendance and give them an event they’ll never forget. Our impressive atmosphere, custom LED lighting, stage area, and outrageously delicious catering will help create the perfect ambiance for your award ceremony. Your attendees will most certainly be impressed.


Presentation & Conferences

Our layout at Sapphire Premium Banquet provides the perfect space for your corporate event. Engage your guests from our main stage area and keep them satisfied with delectable catering. Our corporate event venue offers a sophisticated and upscale look, perfect for any company presentation.

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